You can cancel your order for a full refund (minus delivery fees where applicable) at anytime before it is sent to the courier to be delivered to you.

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

If you need to return/exchange your item/s due to a change of mind or any similar reason - where it is not due to a fault from Jislaaik, a supplier or the courier- a full refund can be done for you (minus delivery fees).

Where an item is damaged/lost/incomplete, we can replace or refund you in full and ensure that the correct item/s get delivered to you.

If the wrong size or colour was selected upon check out, you will be liable for return fees. If the wrong size or colour was delivered to you by fault of Jislaaik or the supplier, your refund/exchange will be done free of charge.

Returns and exchanges can be submitted within 5 days of purchase. Where there are multiple public holidays (example 10 Dec to 10 Jan) , returns can be submitted within 10 days. 

If you would like to cancel, return or exchange an item, please email us on or whatsapp us on 0615047129 with your order number and reasons for cancellation/return/exchange.

Refunds are processed per order and payouts will be communicated to you via email. Usually it takes about 10 days.