We believe in local. Local is not just lekker. For us, local means so much more than that. 

South Africa has this unexplored, powerful and creative hub of locals which needs to be seen, heard and truly felt. 

With such a blended & diverse culture - nothing less can be expected of a country blessed with this amount of creative talent which is true & unique.  

Jislaaik is changing things up by fusing together different local creatives to start up collaborations to change the world. 

Each collaboration project will have a meaningful purpose, and with that purpose we will support & contribute financially to various charitable organisations in line with our values. 

With this venture, we aim to support and help grow other local brands to better South Africa for everyone. 

It’s not just about the products and making sales - but it’s about creating friendships, relationships and empowering & cheering on each other to keep going and making this world a better place.


Just a few of the awesome products from our current and past collaborations: