simplicity, luxury and stylish living

Combining simplicity, luxury and stylish living, The T-Shirt bed Co. has changed the face of bed linen around the world!

Renowned for its luxuriousness and ultra-chic feel, we guarantee only the finest and most luxurious 100% cotton is used in our products. Warm in winter and cool in summer and with an equivalent real-feel of 800 thread-count, our customers report sleeping deeper and longer than ever before. 100% non-iron and 100% non-crease for the perfect bed, always.

A new era is here and sleep will never be the same!


Founded by friend team Tamzin van Staden and Jackie Wilson Lowe in 2015, they realized that there was a huge gap in the market for a novel approach to bed linen. Bored by the limited offerings in store they set out to change the way people look at their sleep experience.

Just by chance they stumbled upon Jersey Knit Cotton and realized that aside from being gloriously comfortable and luxurious to sleep on it was also breathable and cool and even better, it never needed ironing! Eco-friendly and effortless it was the perfect fit.

And so, T-Shirt Bed Co. was born.

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