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The Litterboom Project

Kept 14000+ kg plastic out the ocean

Initiated in 2017, The Litterboom Project – TLP – was the pilot phase of our solution to alleviating the increase in marine plastic pollution, by targeting the river systems, instead of dealing with it only at the oceans.

90% of marine plastic pollution comes from river systems and we, at the TLP team, have therefore devoted ourselves to this preventative solution. Over the past year and a half, we have successfully been able to prevent 14 000kgs of plastic from reaching the ocean through the hard work of a very small team.

We have managed to grow our footprint in the Durban area, through the support of donations of individuals, as well as corporate sponsorship, ramping our collections to over 55 000kgs. We believe that true intervention starts with the public citizens engaging with meaningful projects such as this, be it sacrificing time to join us for clean-ups or donating to our cause.

Every little bit helps a tremendous amount.