Local is still lekker

We absolutely love local. There’s so much still to see and come from South Africa and we are proud to showcase this to you.

We support premium creatives with the same values, standards & passion as ourselves. We are currently stocking certain products from the following suppliers:


Her-Lief is a brand of fine hand crafted Re-Loved jewellery. We’re one-of-a-kind! Our materials, designs and thinking are centered around re-imagining the everyday castaways. With precision skill and a little…

Olive & Arrow Creative

modern and simple but stems from a deep love My name is Charise and I am the founder of Olive & Arrow Creative. Olive & Arrow Creative was born long…

Made Wild

Made Wild is a proudly South African company founded by someone who felt the need to celebrate and embrace the South African heritage and culture.

Olive Collection

providing women with a sort of fearless strength Designer loose fitting clothes with a pair of hand-made polymer earrings that are the only of its kind. We want to provide…


unique touch of warmth and softness I’m a born and raised city girl, from Gauteng, getting married to a Karoo farmer! The farm Knoffelfontein, is in the heart of the Karoo,…


Just a few of the awesome products from our current suppliers:

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