• R405.00

    For all the little nature lovers, this DIY project is suitable for both boys and girls. A great family activity and perfect gift to grandparents!

  • R350.00

    From art supplies to gardening tools, this versatile DIY Tool Box Kit is the perfect accessory for every little creator!

    Finished product dimensions: 18.5 x 29.2 x 16cm

  • R449.00

    This DIY activity encourages recycling by helping you CRUSH your aluminium drink cans!

    Finished product dimensions: 50 x 16 x 12cm

  • R449.00

    A challenging DIY project for you and your little ones to build, with the sweetest reward!

  • R449.00

    A “gogga” is an informal South African name for an insect or creepy crawly.

    Every garden needs a Gogga (Insect) Hotel to attract beneficial “goggas” that pollinate your flowers and veggies!

    Finished product dimensions: 23 x 15,8 x 14cm

  • R319.00

    5x Eco paint pots, 1x paint brush, 1x handcrafted wooden paint stand.

    +20cm x 15cm

  • R210.00

    The perfect personalized gift that’s fun for the whole family. Paint or decorate as you like, the options are endless!

    Dimensions: 20 x 15,2 x 2cm