• R299.00

    One easy way to attract birds to your garden – get a Chirp ‘n Burp

  • R405.00

    For all the little nature lovers, this DIY project is suitable for both boys and girls. A great family activity and perfect gift to grandparents!

    Boxed beautifully with a natural look and feel, the kits include all wooden pre-cut parts, a wooden hammer, hardware and instructions for easy assembly.

    We try encourage children to explore and learn as much as possible when building their own kits, from hammering and using screws to sanding their wood, it is all part of the fun!

  • R449.00

    A “gogga” is an informal South African name for an insect or creepy crawly.

    Every garden needs a Gogga (Insect) Hotel to attract beneficial “goggas” that pollinate your flowers and veggies!

    Finished product dimensions: 23 x 15,8 x 14cm