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Pineapple Designs BK

Bernita Kalyan started Pineapple Designs BK because she wanted to create a space to help individuals express their creative side. She wanted to use the lessons she learnt and offer a service that was both affordable and trendy.

“I was always interested in design from a very young age I would spend my weekends rearranging furniture in my room and experiment with different furniture layouts in my own space. As I got older I found myself walking into spaces and making mental notes of how I could improve a space and its function. I was in high school when the passion for design became more serious and I would browse book stores and collect books on Interior Design. I come from a creative family with uncles who have a passion for photography, sketching & painting so I was always surrounded by art. Pineapple Designs BK started as an Interior Design platform and since then it has grown into a full rounded design service.”

Pineapple Designs BK has recently launched Notebooks, To-Do Lists, Calendars and Weekly Planners. All which can be personalized too.

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