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One line changes the world

One line makes a difference in any situation.

You can decide to draw the line and help save the environment and you don’t have to start off with a big bang.

Jislaain is offering a range of t-shirts that will help save the planet one t-shirt at a time. With the simple line design, one can easily be drawn in by the unique artwork on each item.

Marine pollution is not new to us, this has been around for many centuries with no end in sight. This is even more evident in the recent storms that washed up trash and contaminated items along the shores in Durban. However, over the past few years, local organisations started to step in by donating and offering to help clean the ocean one beach at a time.

Jislaain decided to make a difference and they established the new range which is a collaboration between Jislaaik Online Shop, Olive & Arrow Creative and Raw Co. They are working together to help save our oceans that are in dire need of saving.

Because they believe so strongly in this cause, Jislaain decided to ask their loyal followers on social media to nominate charities of their choice, that are also doing their part in saving the planet, to donate to. These charities will receive proceeds from each shirt that are sold. This is a remarkable initiative that Jislaain will be running.

Not only are they environmental conscious they are also supporting the local industries, as these products are all ethically sourced and locally made.

Regardless of how big or small you are, you can make a difference in saving our planet.

Let’s preserve this beautiful planet for future generations.

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