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Megs Venda Bangles

The Venda wire bangles are made by hand in Limpopo Province, South Africa by the Venda Community. The bangles were traditionally made by men as an engagement gift to their brides to be. Today, the bangle is mostly made by women in rural villages, where the tradition is continued and passed down to the next generation! The Venda wire bangle is available in a standard plain silver, brass (gold), Copper (rose-gold), bobble, thick silver, or the striking silver and copper twisted design. The bangle is made using a fine copper or silver wire. The quality of the wire used by the crafters is imperative to get a seamless, quality finish to each bangle. The craftsmanship and appeal of the traditional Venda bangle are appreciated and worn locally and worldwide. Our support helps fund their project to continue their cultural, social, and business development for the young and old generation of Venda and South Africa.

Megs Venda Bangles features ethically sourced, Venda-made bangles in South Africa. Behind each of these Venda Bangles is a person who created it — and a story. I seek to empower the Venda people by extending their bangle distribution and supporting sustainable income opportunities. I am committed to upholding the dignity of the Venda people, celebrating their cultural techniques and traditions, and bringing attention to their skilled communities.

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