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Elsie Gifting

Elsie gifting is a custom gifting service, designed to cater to solving the problem of finding the perfect gifts each year for your loved ones. There are different packages to suit your needs, such as the sweetheart package(birthday, anniversary, valentines), Family, Friends and all of the above! We are also working on a special “love languages” package, where we craft gifts based on your partners “love language” Each gift I create is made with lots of love and light, inspired by my own experience of making gifts for my boyfriend-now husband. I have packages where you can order all the gifts you need up to a year in advance, how convenient?! You can also just order as you need, or even multiple for a birthday party or workshop.

Born from my love of gift-giving, “Elsie gifting” is the brand I’ve launched shortly after getting married. Along with my new surname, I began to feel the itch to start something new. My new initials were now “LC” …hence forming the phonetical sound and word “elsie”, which also happens to be a nickname given to me by one of my childhood best friends.

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