Earth’s Clay was founded by Véronique Wendling, a very talented Ceramic Artist.

Pottery for me is a form of meditation; I can get lost for hours creating my designs while listening to relaxing music. The challenge of making something new and inspiring is the driving force behind my work. I love creating something where the end result is totally unknown until the moment the kiln is opened.

I started out by making very large cement pots as I could not find any to buy that I liked. When friends saw my pots, they wanted me to make for them so before I knew it I was in the cement-pot business! After a while the pots were too big and heavy for me to continue so I decided to look at changing to ceramics…. a year of pottery night-classes and then years of trial and error- lots of it – and here I am!

Ceramics and Glass may seem unrelated but both are fired and both have results that are unique to a particular firing – no piece can be replicated in another firing.

An alternate way to recycle bottles but instead of landing up as just another boring bottle….a unique piece of art, with a use, is created. I love the way glass melts into beauty but, more interestingly, or importantly, I get to enjoy the wine in the bottle with friends and family before changing the wine bottle into a one-off piece of art.

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