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Jislaain takes one line drawings and bring them to life. Gorgeous and minimalistic with a purpose! Each Jislaain range aims to make a difference in this world

Made from 270 GSM natural cotton canvas loomstate with leather handles. The inside of the bag has a lining with a pocket and a clip to close. There are 3 designs – the 3 roses, daisies & protea. These designs were selected by our social media followers. The bags are handmade in Port Elizabeth by Raw Co and the designs are embroided on. This collaboration was brought to you by

A collaboration between Olive & Arrow Creative and Jislaaik Online Shop, takes a one-line drawing and brings it to life. The wow factor about these designs is that it is a continuous line that never breaks and becomes an amazingly beautiful illustration. All Jislaain illustrations were done by Olive & Arrow Creative. Simplistic. Beautiful & Minimalistic. We have been featured in: We are extremely happy to have once again be featured in the Tuis/Home Magazine. This collaboration was brought to you by:

Kept 14000+ kg plastic out the ocean Initiated in 2017, The Litterboom Project – TLP – was the pilot phase of our solution to alleviating the increase in marine plastic pollution, by targeting the river systems, instead of dealing with it only at the oceans. 90% of marine plastic pollution comes from river systems and we, at the TLP team, have therefore devoted ourselves to this preventative solution. Over the past year and a half, we have successfully been able to prevent 14 000kgs of plastic from reaching the ocean through the hard work of a very small team. We have managed to grow our footprint in the Durban area, through the support of donations of individuals, as well as corporate sponsorship, ramping our collections to over 55 000kgs. We believe that true intervention starts with the public citizens engaging with meaningful projects such as this, be it sacrificing time…

a wheelchair is a basic human right Together with the support of corporates, schools and volunteers, the sweethearts provide wheelchairs to those in need through the Tops & Tags initiative where plastic bottle tops and bread tags are recycled in exchange for wheelchairs. Generous donations maximise our impact and allow children to receive customised wheelchairs. The Need The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices for enhancing personal mobility, yet, thousands of South Africans remain bed-ridden, rely on family members to carry them around or turn to unsafe and uncomfortable home-made alternatives. We believe that a wheelchair is a basic human right. Mission Inspired by a love for our country and its people, The sweethearts Foundation allows passionate South Africans to uplift the lives of less fortunate people in our communities. Our mission is to provide wheelchairs to those who need them most to give them independence…

a community-based recycling and social empowerment project The ReTrade Project is passionate about restoring hope and dignity to the poor and marginalized of our city by building relationship and giving access to resources in which individuals previously would have been unable to ascertain. We also feel equally as passionate about educating and training these individuals, and the community at large, in environmental issues and good stewardship of the earth in which we share! Mission & Purpose To assist individuals who need immediate aid by providing for their basic human needs as well as educating them and the wider community in eco-sustainable practices. This will be achieved through providing an opportunity to access our bartering program, recycling skills training and special open-days. Read More

A collaboration between Jislaaik Online Shop, Olive & Arrow Creative & Raw Co.

The SOS (Save Our Seas) Tees range focuses on exactly that. Saving our seas – well, technically not just the seas!

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