Life’s too short to have boring accessories.

Bold accessories for the rule breakers, boundary pushers & trend setters.

Our goal and aim is to provide our SEEKERS (that’s you!) with bright, fun accessories, reminding us to take life a little less seriously and that accessorising can play a huge part in making us feel awesome!

By buying from us you are supporting a small female-owned business based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We welcome all adventurers, nurturers, creators, and seekers of their own destinies. The individuals that want to make each day brighter, filled with more laughter and treasure the moments of gratitude for the beautiful, colourful lives that we are given.


Jordyn was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and moved to Cape Town at the age of 7 years old. Her passion for fashion and design was ignited at the tender age of five. After graduating with a degree in fashion design, she poured herself into her couture and bridal label, Jordyn Kelsey Couture Designs – which she operated out of her bedroom sending her on an exhilarating and nerve-wracking path of couture craftsmanship. With time came an evolution in the designer’s craft that grew outward, adding leather design to her skillset.

She founded the company Cow Hide Co in 2017 selling cow hides online as well as a unique offering of designer cowhides in bright colours or hides having undergone various techniques such as acid-wash and foil, stamped or a dyed technique.

These designer hides inspired her to create a brand that embodied the beauty of these natural products and her zest for life, all the while keeping the element of luxury that genuine leather products bring.

Thus &Seek was born.

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