About Us

In 2016, Jislaaik Online Shop was created as an expression of our passion for good-quality, locally-made
South African products.

Our range is only supplied by local artisans and creatives who hold to sound
ethical values in their production and in their business practices. We aim to provide products that are
manufactured to be environmentally sustainable, while also raising social consciousness.

Our collaborations with our suppliers result in unique one-of-a-kind product lines. We love introducing
creatives to each other who together with us, bring concepts to realisation that are exquisite and
exclusive. We are equally committed to the spirit of Ubuntu. When our collaborations are successful,
we donate a portion of the proceeds to worthy causes that fall within the theme of each collaboration.

Our firm belief is that we live in a South Africa where everyone can benefit from the works of their
hands and their hearts. Through our blog posts, you get to learn about the inspiration behind the
products that feature in our online store.

We know our suppliers. We understand our clientele. We believe that our country possesses great
talent that can contribute to positive economic change for everyone. We are good at what we do, and
we are true to our purpose in bringing good quality products to the forefront of the South African Online
Shopping Industry.

Jislaaik, that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Here’s some of our amazing suppliers:

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Olive & Arrow Creative

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Made Wild

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unique touch of warmth and softness I’m a born and raised city girl, from Gauteng, getting…

A few of our most loved products:

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