I’m a born and raised city girl, from Gauteng, getting married to a Karoo farmer! The farm Knoffelfontein, is in the heart of the Karoo, Luckhoff (I know, where on earth is that was my first thought too). My fiance’s family has been sheep farming in this incredibly hot but exceedingly beautiful part of the Karoo for generations.

The past 3 years’ drought in South Africa was the worst the family has experienced since the 1930’s – a situation that impacts everyone in these small communities, not only financially, but definitely also emotionally – I wanted to do something that would contribute not just to the farm, but to the community as a whole. Something that goes beyond money – creating pride, confidence, excitement, passion and engagement.

These gigantic merino blankets adds new value to the farming business, creates new job opportunities and offers a unique, exclusive and completely proudly south african product. On top of this, I love what I do – I get my creative juices flowing, supporting the farming business, inspiring some and helping others along the way – this is definitely where my passion meets my purpose.

The passion is what leaves me smiling at night before going to sleep and purpose is the force that wakes me up in the morning.

I believe if you let yourself fall in love with what you’ve become, in time you will fall in love with what you do everyday and when you do love what you do, you’ll find that, this vocational sweetspot – doing what we want to do and need to do – that we make mastery of ourselves possible.

As masters, we become a source for others and allow them to define their own passions and purposes as well.

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