I’m Marene, 32 years old and I live in the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus. I met my husband
in high school, we are the typical high school sweetheart story 😉
In 2009 we went to teach English in South Korea and stayed and worked there for 7 years.
Here is how Lienkerbel, my baby boutique business, started.
Lienkerbel is named after my twins, Lienke and Isabel, the name stuck with me when my friend’s
2 year old called one of the girls, Tienkerbel. So when I started this business last year, the name
was perfect.
The twins were born on January 14 th , 2017. So this is winter in South Korea and I had 4 months of
maternity leave. My mom came over from SA to help out with the twins as Kurt had to go back to
school to teach. Winter in Korea is cold, it’s dry and it’s cold. So I needed something to do when
the girls were napping and giving us a break.
I started making Play Gym Mobiles and dummy clips for them and friends who also had babies.
When it was time to pack up our house, I made sure to bring some beads with me to make
teething accessories for them when they started the teething stage.
We came back in April 2017, they were 4 months old, and the teething started. Both of them at the
same time. Luckily I had some beads on hand and I made some rattles for them. To this day they
still play and use their teething rattles and dummy clips.
August last year I started Lienkerbel, I have had amazing response from friends and clients and to
this day we are so lucky to still be able to create something beautiful and functional for babies.

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