This range has been discontinued for exclusivity reasons.

We can still accommodate orders for this range as long as there is a minimum order of 10 or more (can be a mix between scatters and shopper bags).

There might be a possibility for this range to be activated again in the future, but no definite plans yet.

Jislaaik! Dis Lekker!

This is a pure South African collaboration formed between Jislaaik Online Shop, Kaatjie Produkte – the amazing and talented artist & Hartlam Textiles & Print – the superb quality maker.

This range depicts the true South African taste – literally.

We are bringing you the Jislaaik! Dis Lekker! range to add some quirkiness to your home, office space or little hide out. But, we are also aiming to make everyone a little more green with a matching shopping bag – you know, so that we decrease the amount of plastic pollution in the world.

Now, that is LEKKER!

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