Pottery for me is a form of meditation; I can get lost for hours creating my designs and listening to relaxing music. The challenge of making something new and inspiring is the driving force behind my work. I love creating something where the end result is totally unknown until the moment the kiln is opened.

I was born in a small town in North Eastern France, on the border with Luxembourg, and came to South Africa while still quite young. After matriculating I worked on a Kibbutz for a year and then spent time in North Africa, Europe, West Africa and finally London for the next thirteen years!!

When our daughter was born we thought it was time to come home to SA.

Arriving with a two year old in tow, we found a house and not too long after I started making huge cement pots as I could not find any that I liked. When friends saw my pots they also wanted some, so before I knew it I was in the cement-pot business! After a while the pots were too big and heavy for me to continue so I decided to look at changing to ceramics….  a year of pottery night-classes and then years of trial and error – lots of it – and here I am!!

I love the pieces that I make….if I don’t get a ‘feeling’ off them they get trashed. I want everyone who gets one of my pieces to have that same feeling.

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