It all started around a kitchen table discussing the meaning of life, you know, as one does.

While emotionally investing in a cashew and coconut flavoured chocolate and entertaining my god child (who had just received an illustration for her
4th birthday), I realised that I would love to do this for a living. With great surprise and pure chocolate delight, Cashew & Coconut was born.

A little studio was created in my garage shortly after said meaning-of-life-discussion night. With the bare minimun of one lamp used as a lightbox, three semi dried-out fineliners, a few sheets of paper and a whole lot of ideas I started with my first illustration (Ben the Bunny).

Since the launch in June 2017 C&C have completed numerous orders all over South Africa, brightening one home at a time. Cashew & Coconut is a multifunctional illustration business and can also supply custom illustrations to those with special requests. I work closely with my clients and keep them updated with the process from sketch to hanging on the wall and I would not have it any other way.

Welcome to Cashew & Coconut. I hope you’ll like it, as much as I do, here.

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