Bungalow Living is a natural outlet for me to combine my 2 passions- homeware and photography. I grew up on an Indian Ocean beach and now live on the Atlantic coast and am obsessed with the beautiful and vastly diverse shorelines of our oceans, from which I derive my photographic inspiration.

The idea to combine the things I love has all fallen so wonderfully into place and I’ve met so many amazing humans on my new journey.

Bungalow Living scatter cushions are made in Masiphumelele by a wonderful organisation that offer free skills training for unemployed and unskilled members of their community and an opportunity to earn money by working in their CMT (Cut Make Trim) business.

The carved wooden planters and shelves are also made by a group of men from disadvantaged communities, who have taught themselves wood-working skills.

Everything in the Bungalow Living range is made made in Cape Town and it’s been so rewarding to tap into the skills and amazing creative talent that we have here, and to work with people from all walks of life.

My mission is to feed my creative passion, to make peoples homes a happier and more beautiful place, while hopefully enhancing the quality of life for the people who have become part of my Bungalow Living team.

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