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We’d absolutely love it if you could

be our hero!

Our pursuit in life is to help local designers & artisans to broaden their horizons on the South African market.

We are determined to find hidden gems and discover local heroes.

This is where you come in.

You make it – we sell it

We want to showcase your products on our site.
Our platform enables us to bring your products to people all over South Africa. We handle everything from marketing to delivery & payment

– it’s as easy as that.

What we offer

No subscription, admin or contract fees
No contracts
You are not liable for courier fees for items sent to client/s*
No limitation on the amount of products
Option to partake in monthly specials

Anything local is unique

We appreciate all local products as we know how much love and effort you put into it.

Chat to us to kick-start this journey.

Wanna know more?

Checkout our Hero Guide by clicking on the button below.

The file size is about 1.6mb – let us know if you are unable to download it.

Hero Guide

Get your stuff to us

In order for us to get you set up, this is what we’ll need from you:

1. Apply to be one of our heroes by filling out a simple form – just scroll down a little bit on this page

Once we have registered you, then:

2. Get your products listed by either submitting your products (inside the Heroes Dashboard – we’ll give you access once we have your info – you’ll have an option that says “Add new Product”) or by sending us the completed “Jislaaik Products Sheet” or your catalog

3. Upload your product & marketing mages (see requirements in the Supplier Guide) as well as your logo & your story (About us kinda thing) to your dedicated Google Drive folder – We’ll email your personal folder link to you.

Download Products Sheet

Apply here to be one of our heroes!

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