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Howzit! Aweh! Heita! Sawubona! Hello! Haai! Dumela! Unjani! Thobela! Molo!

Jislaaik! That’s a lot of hello’s…

Welcome to the Jislaaik Online Shop – as unique & different as South Africa.

This is Jislaaik. A word known all around South Africa to express astonishment – that is exactly what we aim to do, astonish.

And as we have been told before – “#whataname”.

It’s local. It’s lekker!
Our pursuit in life is to help local designers & artisans to broaden their horizons on the South African market.

We are determined to find hidden gems and discover local heroes.


These are our heroes!

These people create the most amazing things and work so hard to achieve their dreams! Our mission is to help local designers, craftsmen and woman become more and more known to South Africa.

You know the saying “hidden gems are always at random”, now that is what we are striving for!

We are determined to find the hidden gems and discover local heroes


South Africa is more than just diverse culture, different languages and the Big 5…
Pristine & wonderful nature scenes out of a magazine, people with kind hearts and big smiles, creativity in every corner of the country…
South Africa is to many people like fish is to the sea or birds to the sky – a home.
With that said, there’s no reason why not to support the locals…
It’s better anyway.


Jislaaik will literally scout this country and look under every rock to showcase local talent and crafts, to lift this country’s creativity up and to support South Africa – as this is one amazing country, a rollercoaster ride, but certainly entertaining and exquisite.
Take a stroll through our online shop and experience South Africa’s hidden gems and local heroes in their truest form – you never know what you might discover.


We admire our heroes for taking the step to be bold & different!

We here at Jislaaik appreciate each and every person who pops in to say hello or do some ‘window shopping’ – whatever you do here, we salute you!

Have a kick-ass, superb & simply wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by.